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We kindly ask you to send copyright infringements claims to and do not initiate DMCA complaints through on-site contact means.

Before sending a DMCA we ask you to comply with the below terms:
  • Make sure the content is not hosted on any 3rd party websites such as, Mediafire, Anonfiles, FileUpload, etc. If this is the case we, unfortunately, cannot help you and therefore ask you to contact the respective service.
  • We always ask for verification of ownership of the content you want to have removed, please do attach any copyright information along with proof of ownership.
  • Please make sure that sufficient contact information is provided, as well as a well written and polite email from a company mail. Free email services such as Gmail or Hotmail will be ignored.
  • Only emails that are written in formal and fluent English which is understandable and polite in format, will be responded to.