Award Name Description Request
Bright Light Bright Light Given to anyone with more than five accepted suggestions
YouTube YouTube For all the known folks on YouTube
Cheers Cheers It seems you can use a beer
Twitter Twitter During a Twitter Promo Event promote us on twitter
You're cool You're cool I mean you're kinda dope
Security Expert Security Expert Every expert wears identification
IG IG #Instagram#Event#Promo
Grammar Enthusiasts Grammar Enthusiasts For all those people checking all their commas
Snail Snail That person who always spends 10 years answering "k"
Bug Bug For finding and reporting multiple bugs
Dove Dove Given for reporting leeches
Colorful Colorful Given to the energetic and happy people of LZ
Artist Artist Awarded to proven LZ Artists
KirbyOG KirbyOG One of the originals.

Award Name Description
VIP VIP You are not as bad as we thought.
Select Select You are one of the 'Select' few
Extreme Extreme You are an Extreme unit
Royalty Royalty For being Royal

Award Name Description Request
Golden Coin Golden Coin Everyone needs a lucky coin.
Jake Jake Available for purchase in the store.
Finn Finn Available for purchase in the store.
Pride Pride We accept you.
Alien Alien You're truly out of this world
Da bomb Da bomb You're the bomb
Cigar Cigar For those with expensive taste
Weed Weed Smoke weed erryday
Swimming in credits Swimming in credits Mr. Moneybags
$$$ $$$ Obtained by donating €50 in a single donation.
Donator Donator Obtained by donating €100 in a single donation.
Bronze Donator Bronze Donator Obtained by donating €250 in a single donation.
Silver Donator Silver Donator Obtained by donating €500 in a single donation.
Gold Donator Gold Donator Obtained by donating €1000 or more in a single donation.

Requirement Based
Award Name Description Request
MOTM MOTM #1 Member this month
1 Month Online 1 Month Online Spent 1 Month Online
3 Months Online 3 Months Online Spent 3 Months Online
6 Months Online 6 Months Online Spent 6 Months Online
12 Months Online 12 Months Online Spent 12 Months Online
Lounge king Lounge king 750 posts in the lounge.
Check in ninja Check in ninja For checking in 100 days in a row
Blue book of Life Blue book of Life Reach 500 posts in the Life section
Red Book of Life Red Book of Life Reach 2,000 posts in the Life Section
Green Book of Life Green Book of Life Reach 5,000 posts in the Life Section
Nuking Nuking You are exploding, awarded for posting 500 unique leaks
Speed Rabbit Speed Rabbit Reach 1.000 threads
Loved Loved Awarded to users with more than 1.000 likes
Recruiter Recruiter For reffering 10 members to LZ.
Promoter Promoter For reffering 30 members to LZ.
Influencer Influencer For reffering 60 members to LZ.
Bullseye Bullseye For reffering 100+ members to LZ.
Verified Developer Verified Developer Released your 10th LZ Exclusive Tool
Verified Seller Verified Seller Award given to verified seller
Pinned Pinned You had a thread so cool it was stickied by staff

Secret Awards
Award Name Description
Hero Hero
Suit Suit In MiB they wore suits
Migrator Migrator
Logic Logic Does it exist?
Lightning Lightning It's not for being lightning fast in the bed
Garbage Garbage For every garbage user on LZ
The Eye The Eye Given to select few who helps LZ
BlackHat BlackHat You've proven your skills.
Award whore Award whore Verified award hoarder
Rat Rat Proven remote access knowledge
RPS champion RPS champion
Clown Clown Honk Honk - You are a clown.
Gambler Gambler I think you have an addiction.
Snowflake Snowflake You are a special slowfake.
Retro gamer Retro gamer You like to game,boy
Brainiac Brainiac For those who have superior intelligence.
Moon Moon Because you're a space cadet.
White hat White hat A rare ethical hacker
Snake Snake For those with venomous hearts
Cool cat Cool cat You're extra cool
Vegemite Vegemite You're a fucking true blue.

User Owned
Award Name Description
Owl Owl Award owned by Owl
Uchiha clan Uchiha clan Only given out by Madara
KoolKidsKlub KoolKidsKlub For members of the koolkidsklub
Insane Leaker Insane Leaker Award owned by Rock

Award Name Description
Get Lucky Get Lucky There is a 0.5% chance to get this award by posting!
Lucky Egg Lucky Egg There is a 0.1% chance to get this award by posting!
Lucky Cracker Lucky Cracker There is a 0.1% chance to get this award by posting in the Cracking Section!
Fame by Luck Fame by Luck There is a 0.1% chance to get this award by posting in the Entertainment Section!