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What is the best Language for WebApp Development in 2020?

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Title says the most.

I'm looking to learn and build web/cloud based marketing Apps that can automate mass marketing tasks.
Please suggest the best language that can be learned very fast and applied in real applications.

Thank you in advance.

Well, for web development a solid understanding of HTML and CSS is a must. You can easily learn HTML within a month or within a couple of weeks depending on your dedication. HTML is the language used by the browser to read. CSS is very complicated but you don't need to know everything to make a good looking site with HTML and CSS. CSS will take a couple of months to learn as well. Next is Javascript. JS is the language used to do web programming. JS is a must to provide a rich experience for the user. The best example of a website that utilizes JS extensively is Twitter. JS can be very complex to someone who has no coding background. However, there are tons of free tutorials on the internet and you can learn the basics of JS in a couple of months and to "Master" JS, it will take at least a year. Again, this depends on your ability to understand and learn fast. Once you have mastered these three languages, you are known as a front end developer. FED, is basically a developer who has the ability to create interactive web applications using the aforementioned languages without any DBMS. (Database Management System).

If you want to become a full-stack developer, (An individual who has the ability to build complete web apps. Both front end and backend) you need to learn backend development as well.

For backend development, you need to learn languages like, PHP/Python/Java/Ruby This will also take some time but in my opinion, becoming a full-stack developer is an extremely valuable skill given the day and age we live in. If you need any help, feels free to drop me a message via discord or pm.

Good luck.

Backend development is where I would like to go. I don't know how long it may take but I would put most of my time into this.

Thank you @gHost for pointing out all the things with details.

I'm moving forwards with python because it is easy to learn and is has opportunity to develop other apps too.
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This is another great inspiration for me @Baguette
I'll put most of my efforts to learn coding python ASAP.

Enjoy it, and try to have a "project" where you apply the things you learn. Even if it's just for you. I find that it's the best way to learn to immediatly apply what you are learning

Great idea! This will keep me motivated
Thank you!

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