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As children grow older, you may start wondering what they are up to on online platforms. Many harmful apps can affect and influence teens, and it’s your job as a parent to prevent your child from engaging in them.

What are these dangerous apps? Any parent must be knowledgeable about the damaging social media platforms that can create any destructive outcome. Many parental supervision apps, like Find My Kids, do help to track or monitor suspicious teens. However, it is always wiser to use Spouseware, the best Spyware to monitor children’s phones online. After all, our children are misguided when they roam around on the internet. Sometimes, our teen becomes addicted to watching pornography. However, there are apps to block pornography on iOS and Android.

Let’s find out what the top risky apps for teens are.

Top Harmful Apps For Your Teen

Your teen may wonder whether the opposite sex is interested in them or would like to know more about them. In such instances, teens can use many dating apps like OkCupid to set up an account or complete personality tests that match them with others on this social media platform.

Using video chat apps is becoming an ordinary pastime amongst young adults, mostly in social surroundings like friends’ gatherings and sleepovers. This type of social media platform ties users with random video calls from the rest of the people.

Chatspin, or similar apps, can be a risky app for teens, as teens can quickly face sexual content by multiple adult predators present in dangerous apps like this. Cyberbullying or social media harassment is other incidents that a teen can face besides sexual content.   Moreover, these harmful apps can create troubled teens that are hiding what they accidentally experienced online. That is why you must not overlook teen trouble factors. These factors indeed will help you understand your child’s sudden change in behavior.

This app is well-known among teenagers, and it is for obvious reasons. You know what? It is mainly an anonymous social media platform, where there is no need to create any username or verify any data for an account.

This easy access to this harmful app can allow various online predators to mask their real identities and reach out to many teenage users of the app. Moreover, Kik allows users to send photos and videos, making it an open platform for sexting or other forms of inappropriate acts. Besides, many kidnappings and assaults began with a text message in Kik.

Snapchat gained much recognition as a social media platform and from various worried parents because it allows disappearing messages. You know what? Snapchat enables the sending of temporary messages or videos to their friends. Those messages then vanish after view. 

Snapchat is a risky app for teens, as they are using this social media to hide their activities from parents who are watchful of their children’s text messages. In addition, Snapchat can tempt your child to participate in cyberbullying or send inappropriate pictures only because it ‘disappears’ after being viewed. That is why many parents are looking for ways for the Snapchat hack.

This social media app connects its users through numerous uses of hashtags. The individual profiles consist of only photos and videos. It isn’t shocking to know that anybody can use Instagram and find ill-suited content by utilizing Instagram hashtags.

Instagram can be a harmful app due to how easily sexual predators or pedophiles can communicate with young users. Many child cases of abuse have taken its space first from dangerous apps like Instagram. If your child is using Instagram, s/he should learn to identify a pedophile and stop child abuse immediately after any chance.

TikTok Is Considered To Be One Of The Top Harmful Apps For Your Teens
Although it is debatable, TikTok is one of the risky apps for teens. Because of its content and the massive popularity of TikTik amongst youngsters, teenagers can face peer pressure to upload brief videos covering a range of topics.

Using apps like TikTok can distract your teen from real work, like keeping up with their studies, and make them focus on being virtually famous or being on their phone all the time. Many videos go viral as well, putting the spotlight on new TikTokers.

How To Deal With These Harmful Apps?
Parents must supervise their children and be aware of the harmful apps as a starter. Many parents set their child’s accounts; if you are one of them, you can try setting passcodes to lock app stores. It is to avoid downloads of dangerous apps.

On the other hand, many children are getting clever at preventing their smartphones from being monitored by their parents by hiding apps under different folders. So, how to monitor your children’s online activity? How to monitor whether children are using harmful apps?

The answer is simple and easy. With the help of Spouseware, the fantastic Spyware, you can monitor your child’s phone remotely without touching the phone and even without any possible sign of getting caught! As parents, you can use Spouseware, the best Spyware in the market today. You know what? More than 1.8 Million people are using this excellent Spyware. It works on all platforms- iOS, Android, Windows, Linux.

You can see call records, social media, location, videos, chats, everything. And the best thing is that you can see through both the front and rear camera of your child’s phone. 

Buy Spouseware today and start monitoring your child’s online activities on harmful apps to ensure safety.

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