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Welcome to warlock's Webdev Services

Backend development: Our team is capable of handling small scale applications to large scale such as E-Commerce development from scratch, internal management software such as School Management, CRM for Corporate with various Logins. We are also capable of making our own API from scratch with security measures taken in consideration. Our team can handle database technologies such MySQL, MongoDB, and can also work with AWS for server management.

Frontend development: With the help of API our Frontend work becomes easier and very easy to manage. Our team is capable of using HTML, Bootstrap CSS, and VUEJS to make the frontend app responsive, asynchronous and also scalable, we can also use VUEJS to make SPAs or PWA apps.

Previous work if asked: I can show my code through screenshots. Screenshots of existing projects i worked on and current projects.

Proper thread design is coming soon.

I accept payments in BTC only, please contact me via Discord or PM (Discord is faster) for more information. Griffith#5914