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by Trappa, 11-06-2019 - 09:09 PM

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Okay so this is probably the easiest SE you will pull off in your life..  I've seen people sell these cases for 50-70% off on other forums lol

so just 
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Thanks for sharing

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I love life proof cases save my ass on more then one time thanks for sharing

Trappa says take it back to retail store lol

Thanks for sharing

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So many good tutorials here!

@Trappa What is your experience with this, Do you think I could do this over and over? Should I wait until one ships and then send another? What do you recommend?

Curious about this, thanks for sharing!

thanks for sharing man

pressf pressf pressf

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Thanks for the share, I need a new case.

Edit: Just paid $7.50 for a $70 case. Should be arriving in a few days!

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