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[Image: SKYBLOCK.png?width=962&height=282]

This skyblock setup is currently in it's BETA stages. Meaning content is being constantly added and tweaked. If you have any recommendations for content to be added or changed within this resource. Please contact us via PM or on Discord. We're always attempting to improve our product's quality.

This setup attempts to give a perfect gameplay experience, bug-free and glitchless. Meaning you can release your server successfully. We provide infinite support on any purchases of this resource, regardless of the date of purchase and stage in which you purchased this resource.

[Image: features.png?width=962&height=282]
  • Custom Island
  • Non-Exclusive Spawn Build
  • Unique and innovative hologram designs
  • Good looking, simplistic scoreboard
  • Minimal premium plugins used
  • Custom configured anti-lag solutions
  • Custom menus & GUIs
  • Upgradeable Generators and Islands
  • Custom Minions configuration [soon]
  • Effective and lag-free anticheat solution
  • Mobstacker to reduce lag
  • Custom voting rewards
  • 3 Crate Types
  • Custom configured enchantments (Less Overpowered)
  • Custom AuctionHouse functionality
  • Disguises and cosmetic features for donators [soon]
  • Custom Essentials Messages
  • Custom NPCS
  • Island Leaderboard
  • Custom Quests [soon]
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[Image: 2019-06-05_16.04.31.png]
[Image: 2019-06-05_16.06.36.png]
[Image: 2019-06-05_16.07.01.png]
[Image: 2019-06-05_16.04.14.png]
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