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Willing to pay for services to someone who can do a mass registration  roughly 200-300 account using an invite code . Only requirement i ask is to make it look legitmate

Or just plainly looking for 198 people in total to signup to elon.dog with invite code 25a0  would be greatly appreciated.

What the hell is elon.dog 👀
is it elon musks crypto or something lmao
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(03-08-2022, 01:04 PM)xor Wrote: What the hell is elon.dog 👀
is it elon musks crypto or something lmao

No haha though it would be funny. So when i signed up from a referall 2 months ago  i got a a free blind box and 300 credit . When i opened the box i got a level 3 dog  i pledged the 300  credits which is a demo and is equivalant to $300 dollars just not withdrawable. the Demo credit is good for 3 days . and whatever I profited after the 3 days i withdrew as it was 10 dollars  the only way to withdraw is through a crypto wallet address.  After that i invested a about 450 have about 600  and made about $150 profit in total so far . the way i did that was  reinvest back whatever i made recruited 5 people as thats max  reward you get a certain level dog  and 300 demo credit each referally  so 1500 in total and whatever i made from  i bought a ton of blind boxes to get a high level dog. the highest one i have right now is a level 5 but can only use my level 4 as you need a minimum of 1000 to use on the level 5.  with my level 4 i made nearly 7 dollars give or take a day.

The reason i need referalls i need 95 people to join so i can run money reward  giveaways in my discord  or other peoples discord.  and of course i get rewarded for the signups

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