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868Ebay Money Making Method - Copy And Paste Available
Ebay Money Making Method

Recently, I've noticed how easy it is to receive money from Ebays Help and Contact workers.

I've recently (legitimately) sold 2 items on eBay and the shipping went shit. I contacted ebay and they basically asked me my name, and the name of the item. And I got my money, without verification of who I am.

So, the method. Personally, I'd not try this with anything over £50 but it's up to you guys.

Firstly, you should need an eBay account with some items for sale. You can either use a leaked/cracked ebay acc or just use pics that don't look too fake.

Also, make sure that you don't have any personal info like addresses or purchase info that can get you in trouble!


Post a listing but make sure that the shipping says it comes with tracking, so that the person thinks its legit.
(don't need to do this if u don't want)

Then, just wait till the item sells and get the info from the seller.

You can then print off a label (Hermesis easiest, if you're in UK. Just use a site that you can easily track the package), and put in the return address as something random. (keep the tracking number safe by writing it down or scan the qr code and save that tab with the tracking information on)

Package up the box and put whatever you wanna put in there, could just be empty if you'd like (but that's suspicious lol)

Then just ship the item to the buyer.

When you've dispatched the box, make sure to add tracking info to the eBay listing so that the method will actually work. (the eBay contact guy will look at the tracking info)

Wait a few days but keep an eye on the tracking on the package, (tracking number will be on the label)

As soon as the package has been delivered, go onto the 'Sold' tab and copy the Item number or Listing number. Then, go onto eBay Help and Contact and open the chat with this (change it a bit because ebay will pick up if the exact paragraph has been used many times):

""Hello, I've posted an item and the buyer has received the item. But the listing doesn't show up as sold and delivered at the address?""

Just talk to the ebay person and use your skills to say something like, "the guy messaged me saying he's got the package, is there a way you can verify?"

Then, when the ebay person asks for the listing number or item number, just paste it in.

Then they should say something along the lines of:
I will check the buyers message that shows its been delivered.
Please allow me few more minute to release your funds manually. (don't worry if its not exactly that, you may have a different person)

(bare in mind that I never got a message from the guy saying he's got the package, the ebay guy just couldn't be bothered lmao)

Then just wait and they'll just tell you something like:

Congratulations, your funds will be released in 24 hours. (it won't be exactly that so don't worry if its a different time, it usually takes about an hour to deposit)

And then just keep an eye on your eBay funds and you'll have the money deposited.

Then you can just repeat this and keep making money with fake listings or you can cash out and just spend all your money on ebay.


Enjoy the method and make sure to give some love if it works.
If it doesn't, then just comment that it doesn't.

Enjoy the money!

Custom Method by CrxckerLud

Hmm... let's see what kind of method is

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