Deeper into SE?
by BigDepRemz, 18-07-2021 - 09:56 PM

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Welp, a bunch of kids been spamming me lately for "Namesake" and its been hella annoying fr. Thus, I've decided to mess with them back but nothing serious I just need to scare them since they're ruining my "rep" (in a place that doesn't even exists? lmao)  Also, it's been a long time since I've done any GH/BH activity and I don't wanna use RATs or similiar malwares/phishing tools..
So I'm just asking how to get into deeper information, I'm planning to trace their IP tonight so I'd get to know their location and maybe pay a visit? (Y'all from the same country lol)  

INFO I got my (dirty) hands on:

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Might as well go hard, how do you know that they are not using a VPN/proxy? Here is what I would do;

1) Create a new discord id and or whatever platform this is going on at
2) Start attacking yourself under the new username
3) Join their "group" you can either assume one of two roles the very knowledgeable person or a noob who just doesn't like your alternate user
4) Talk to them for anywhere between hours - months getting as much information (meanwhile fighting with them on your main id and fighting with yourself on the secondary)
5) *Optional* (Get AIDS -important for this step if you want to go really hard) Bang their mom(s) (hard) then one day while you are there having never revealed who you are. Now before revealing yourself go ahead and get the kids grounded maybe take a wallet or something of yours and put it in their room then run around looking for the missing item. You tell the kid on the side " I am that guy who you been fucking with on the interwebz".

Step 5 is optional of course all of it but why not right?

Or you can just start looking up different social media and search for their email/phone numbers over the internet but I like the in depth betrayal myself.
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Seems like the fifth step is the most effective way to utterly destroy the kid while knowing most credentials about the latter, muchas gracias amigo!

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